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COVID-19: Stay home ♥️

As of last week, I made the decision to "immediately cease all massage therapy services until at least March 30th, 2020" as per the recommendations of the professional association I belong to. Although it really sucks to do so for so many reasons other than just the fact that it's my job and I'm self… Continue reading COVID-19: Stay home ♥️

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Why does your back hurt?

Every one of us has likely experienced back pain at one time or another in our life. (If you haven’t, dare I say…you will). Injury, poor posture, repetitive positions, pregnancy and couch slouching are just a few of the causes of back pain, and due to the complexity of the human spine, it is often… Continue reading Why does your back hurt?

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Got anxiety? Try this!

I’ve had general anxiety since I can remember. My Dad, who was a psychologist, once said to me: “70% of us suffer with some kind of anxiety or depressive disorder – maybe they aren’t disorders, but the norm.” I honestly don’t think I know anyone in my life that doesn’t suffer from some sort of… Continue reading Got anxiety? Try this!


10 reasons to try Myofascial Cupping

What is myofascial cupping?Myofascial cupping (also just called cupping) is a process by which a therapist puts varying sizes of cups on parts of the body using suction which creates a lifting of the tissues resulting in a "bump" of skin within the cup. The cups can be placed on specific acupoints, trigger points, areas… Continue reading 10 reasons to try Myofascial Cupping


Enhance your efficiency and mental wellness by single-tasking

Do you think about what to wear when you are in the shower? Yes / No Do you talk on the phone while folding laundry? Yes / No Do you read the news online while your eating lunch? Yes / No Chances are you do some of these - if not other multi-tasking activities numerous… Continue reading Enhance your efficiency and mental wellness by single-tasking


Free Weekly Fitness Classes at the Farmers’ Market – if you’re in or near Edmonton! 

Hey folks! I did a short piece on an ongoing event at Edmonton's Callingwood Farmers' Market - if you're in or near the area, check it out as this is one huge, amazing market and did I mention free, family friendly fitness classes?? You can check it out by clicking on this link -> http://www.callingwoodmarketplace.com/free-fitness-programs-promote-health-and-community-connection… Continue reading Free Weekly Fitness Classes at the Farmers’ Market – if you’re in or near Edmonton!